Head of Compliance International


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Día de actualización: 09-02-2024

Ubicación: London

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Tipo de empleo: Full-time

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Head of Compliance International
The Head of Compliance International (“HCI”) will report to Yapstone’s Group Chief Compliance Officer based in the US. The HCI will be responsible for ensuring Yapstone complies with all applicable rules and regulations where it operates in the Europe, United Kingdom and Australia. This position will be responsible for developing, implementing, and maintaining Yapstone’s Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing (“AML/CTF”) framework. The HCI position will be a senior member of the compliance team and play a key role in fulfilling and building Yapstone International Compliance and AML/CTF program for a fast growing and regulated financial institution.
Establishing Regulated Activity AML and CTF systems and controls

  • Maintaining and developing the risk-based approach to AML and CTF arrangements - carrying out regular assessments of the adequacy of systems and controls to ensure that risks are managed
  • Overseeing and reporting of sanctions matches and PEP screening
  • Overseeing the implementation of appropriate AML and CTF policies and procedures, as detailed in the AML Policy, including the operation of the risk-based
  • Determining the level of resources required to execute appropriate AML and CTF policies and
  • Ensuring that AML and CTF requirements are considered as part of the development of new products, or service
  • Obtaining Board and Chief Compliance Officer approval for policy or significant process
  • Ensure that policies and procedures are accurately documented in the AML Program, and
  • supporting documents, which should be available to relevant staff (as necessary) and used to support training
  • Ensure that the Board, Chief Compliance Officer and the Chief Risk Officer are kept informed
  • of the money laundering and terrorist financing risks posed by the business and its activities, and how these are managed and
  • Reporting to the Board and Chief Compliance Officer on a regular basis detailing the operation
  • and effectiveness of the systems and controls used to combat money laundering and terrorist
  • Documenting and ensuring that any actions recommended by the Board and the Chief
  • Compliance Officer are
  • Ensuring that appropriate records are retained for the required duration and in a format that facilitates retrieval without undue
  • Arrange and assist with regulatory visits and internal / external audit work as it applies to the regulated AML/CTF
  • Develop and approve training content and provide appropriate training sessions to staff and
  • the Board on AML and
  • Oversee the AML and CTF team, managing key priorities, planning team work, managing team resources including recruitment of new
  • Other duties as

Maintaining relevance of the AML systems

  • Regularly reviewing developments in applicable legislation and guidance (domestic and international where the business is involved).
  • Ensuring that policies are updated to meet changing regulatory and business
  • Ensuring that the operation of systems and controls are monitored and that they implement
  • Maintaining up to date AML
  • Ensuring that relevant staff are provided with AML and CTF training appropriate for their position (frequency and content) and that all new staff receive training within the specified Ensure that training materials remain up-to-date and relevant to the business.

Qualifications and Experience

  • The emphasis of this position is on developing, operating, and maintaining an AML/CTF program with effective systems and controls to prevent the Company’s products and services being used for the purposes of money laundering or terrorist financing and to make the determination in relation to suspicious activity, sanctions and PEP

Professional experience

  • Experience in developing and administering internal controls and processes to comply with the Payment Services Directive and AML/CTF requirements. Ability to work collaboratively with a broad range of business functions, in a multicultural and matrixed environment is essential. The appointee should have direct experience of interaction with law enforcement and regulators, preferably in a multi-jurisdictional environment and be a confident professional presenter with experience of presenting and reporting at Board


  • A professional compliance qualification or certification
  • 5+ years global FinTech or Payments industry
  • 5+ years compliance experience in the Financial Institution
  • Previous experience as an MLRO
  • 5+ years’ preferred experience of PSD, PSD2,E MI regulations with an emphasis in Passporting, Financial Crime, AML/CTF Laws, and corporate regulations in financial
  • Proven track record of effectively communicating with
  • Strong interpersonal and communications
  • A self-driven, detail-oriented, resourceful problem solver and adept at time


  • Fluent in English

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Job Type: Full-time

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Plazo: 25-03-2024

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